Going Forward… (And Anthem Beats)

Sometimes change is necessary, especially in light of my slight mental breakdown and a professional halt. Returning from my vacation, I feel rested and more relaxed than I’ve been in months, but resuming my previous routine would be a mistake. This week I’ll be discussing changes that I will be making in regards to my editing process, the blog, and the state of my head. Let’s get into it.

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It’s no secret that editing has always been an issue for me, mainly because I have no idea what I’m doing. Before this project, I’d only ever edited short stories. Working with short stories is easy because each work is whole and self-contained; a book must tell an overarching story with many parts that relate to a larger whole. I find it easy to become overwhelmed when editing a chapter and trying to account for the larger story at play, so I have decided to try a new method: to edit each chapter the way I would edit a short story. I will work on each chapter until I am fully satisfied and then move on to the next. That way, I will be able to build a cohesive whole by making sure each piece is independently formidable, and I will feel less overwhelmed doing so.

Changes will be coming to my blog, as well. Don’t get me wrong, the blog has been nothing but a source of encouragement and support, and it’s a fun way to share my thoughts on the journey that is this project. The problem is the time it takes to finalize a post. On average, the one blog post takes about four hours to complete; that is a fifth of my minimum time requirement for the week. On weeks that I lack motivation, it’s easy to use the blog as “work time” and neglect more imperative aspects of the project, such as writing. I need to take time to focus on my work, even at the cost of my blog. I am not stopping the blog. I’ll still create posts; they just won’t be a weekly occurrence. I will post when I have something important to share, or I feel inspired to write one. That will allow me to get more done and maintain a digital presence.

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My vacation was good. Getting away from work and its stresses, and the ideas and opinions swarming in my head allowed me to think clearly about myself as a person.  During my break, a friend reminded me that I am the only person who can bring my vision to bear for this story. Other people can offer opinions and suggestions, but I am the only one who can tell my story. The song “Born For This” by The Score has become an anthem for my work, reminding me of my purpose as a writer. The song energizes me and gets me in a “writing mood” and reminds me of my innate value as a storyteller. I was, in fact, born for this.

There are a lot of changes headed my way, but I can see a lot of good coming from them. Your encouragement and support have helped immensely, but for now, I think it is time to return to the microcosm of my own mind and focus on being productive. The blog will still be around, but from now on, things will be a bit less structured and punctual. It’s time to get back to my roots and see where we go from there.

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Thank you all for your presence and company. You have made the journey this far an adventure, and I am grateful for your support and encouragement. May we meet again where our paths converge.

Project Status: “Feeling the rhythm inside of my chest, all I need is just a pen. I know I was born for this. I know I was born for this.”
See you down there.