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Here is the playlist that I listened to while writing my book. It is actually an edited version of the playlist I created during the situation itself and has been tailored to reflect character perspectives at different times in the novel, as well as highlight the different tones throughout.
The playlist is organized alphabetically by artist, followed by the song title. For especially relevant songs, I have included notable lyrics that are important to the book and each song is associated with a specific character’s perspective. Overall, the songs tend to be sorrowful, pained or hopeful.

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Format: Artist – Song Title – “Lyrics” – Character perspective – Author notes


Avril Lavigne – Slipped AwaySung from Charlie’s perspective.

Avril Lavigne – Keep Holding OnThis song is mainly sung by Sam, Jo, and Amy to Charlie, but sometimes Charlie joins in too.
“You’re not alone/ together we stand/ I’ll be by your side/ you know I’ll take your hand/ And when it gets cold/and it feels like the end/ there’s no place to go/ you know I won’t give in/ no I won’t give in.”
This song is something of their group anthem, and it’s all really fitting throughout. I feel it injects hope into the situation and provides a rallying point for the group.

Bryan Adams – Sound the Bugle NowSung from Charlie’s perspective. 
“Sound the bugle now/ tell them I don’t care/ there’s not a road I know/ that leads to anywhere/ Without a light/ I fear that I will stumble in the dark/ lay right down/ decide not to go on.”

Beauty and the Beast (Broadway Version) – HomeSung from Charlie’s perspective.

Brighton – Forest FireSung from Sam’s perspective.
“And how/ was I to know/ I’m not strong/ I should have saved you and/ oh/ I hope you know/ that you’re my home/ but now I’m lost, so lost.”

Chord Overstreet – Hold OnSung from Sam and Amy’s perspective.
This song fits the situation with every line, so instead of write out the song, I am just going to recommend you go listen to it. It’s really heartbreaking and moving at the same time.

Christina Perri – Jar of HeartsSung from Amy’s perspective.
In the book, the characters take on different perspectives and emotions than their real-life counterparts. In reality, it was me who felt these emotions, but in the context of the book, it is Amy; another result of changing details.

Coldplay – The ScientistSung from Jo and Sam’s perspectives, largely to Amy and each other.
This song represents how the group deals with the situation internally. 

Danny Gokey – Tell Your Heart To Beat AgainSung by Jo.

Dear Evan Hansen – For ForeverSung as a duet by Charlie and Sam.

Dear Evan Hansen – Words FailSung by Charlie.

Dear Evan Hansen – You Will Be FoundSung by the main cast sans Charlie. This includes Sam, Amy, Jo, Clara, and Linda. 
Another anthem of the group, inspiring hope for something better than the darkness they face.

Dear Evan Hansen – Good For YouSung by Sam and Amy.

Dear Evan Hansen – If I Could Tell HerSung by Sam about Charlie.
Can you tell I like Dear Evan Hansen? It really catches the mood of my scenes and the hope and the pain. It just really worked.

Delirious – Find Me In The RiverSung to Sam.
 It’s a sad piece about brokenness but is also comforting.

Demi Lovato – I Hate You, Don’t Leave MeSung by Charlie.
A touching piece that really encapsulates the outcome of Charlie’s mindset.

For King and Country – It’s Not Over YetSung by Sam and Charlie.

The Fray – How To Save A LifeSung by Sam to Charlie.
“And I would have stayed up with you all night/ had I known how to save a life.”

The Greatest Showman – From Now OnSung by Sam, Charlie, Amy, and Jo.

The Greatest Showman – A Million DreamsSung by Sam about Charlie.

Hedley – I Won’t Let Go (Darling)Sung by Clara to Charlie.

Imagine Dragons – DemonsSung by Charlie.
“I want to hide the truth/ I want to shelter you/ But with the beast inside/ There’s nowhere we can hide” “Don’t get to close/ It’s dark inside/ That’s where my demons hide/ that’s where my demons hide”
A solid look into Charlie’s worldview, how she feels about herself and the world outside.

Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give UpSung by Sam.

Kodaline – BrotherSung by Sam to Charlie.

Lauren Aquilina – KingSung by Sam.
This whole song is just painfully fitting, and I recommend it. It is a beautiful piece that perfectly encompasses Sam’s perspective and how she sees Charlie.

LeAnn Rimes – Please RememberSung by Sam.

Lee Ann Womack – I Hope You DanceSung by Sam.

Linkin Park – IridescentSung by Sam.

Linkin Park – One More LightLed by Jo, joined by Amy and Sam.

Mayday Parade – Still BreathingSung from Charlie’s perspective. 
“It’s hard to be a man/ but I’m doing all I can/ I’m ready to give this all I have/ I’m ready to be amazed/ Cause I’m standing here alone / trying to make this life my own/ and nothing will keep this heart from beating/ I’m still breathing.”

Midnight Sons – If Only Tears Could Bring You Back Sung by Amy and Sam.
A very sad and melancholy song.

My Darkest Days – Can’t Forget YouSung by Amy and Charlie.

My Darkest Days – Still Worth Fighting ForSung by Amy, Sam, and Jo. 

Nickleback – I’d Come For YouSung by Amy.

One Republic – ApologizeSung by Amy.

Paradise Fears – Battle Scarssung by the cast: Amy, Jo, Sam, Charlie, Clara, and Linda.
“I’ll carry you home/ no, you’re not alone/ keep marching on/ you are worth fighting for/ you know we’ve all got battle scars/ keep marching on.”
This song also acts as an anthem for the whole cast.

Passenger – Let Her GoSung by Jo to Amy.

The Piano Guys – It’s Gonna Be OkaySung by Sam.

P!NK – What About UsSung by Sam and Charlie.

Regina Spektor – The CallSung by Linda.

Relient K – Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet?Sung by Amy, Charlie, and Sam.
“And know that I don’t hate you/ and know that I don’t want to fight you/ and know I’ll always love you/ but right now I just don’t like you.”

Relient K – The ThiefSung by Charlie and Sam.

Relient K – Curl Up and DieSung by Charlie and Sam.

Rihanna – StaySung by Sam.

Ryan Star – Losing Your MemorySung by Sam.

Sara Bareilles – She Used To Be MineSung by Charlie and Sam.
“And be scared of the life that’s inside her/ growing stronger each day, ‘til it finally reminds her/ to fight just a little, to bring back the fire in her eyes/ that’s been gone, but used to be mine.”

The Script – Exit WoundsSung by Charlie.
“I don’t know how much more love this heart can lose/ and I’m dying, dying from these exit wounds.”

Simple Plan – Perfect WorldSung by Charlie.

Simple Plan – This Song Saved My LifeSung by Charlie and Sam.

Simple Plan – Perfectly PerfectSung by Jo and Sam.

Simple Plan – Save YouSung by Sam.

Skillet – Battle CrySung by Sam and Jo.

Sleeping At Last – SaturnSung by Sam and Charlie.
“How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.”
Powerful and poignant.

Snow Patrol – Open Your EyesSung by Charlie.

Snow Patrol – Chasing CarsSung by Sam and Charlie.

Steven Universe – Love Like YouSung by Sam and Charlie.

Strays Don’t Sleep – For Blue SkiesSung by Sam.
“Could I have saved you? / Would that have betrayed you?”

Sum 41 – With MeSung by Sam to Charlie.

Thomas Bergersen – The Hero In You HeartSung by Sam.
“I bet you didn’t know/ the hero in your heart/ has strength beyond the known/ and never leaves your side/ you’re the hero in your heart.”

Trading Yesterday – ShatteredSung by Sam.
This whole song pretty well fits Sam’s mindset. I strongly recommend.

We The Kings – Sad SongSung by Sam.

Wicked – For GoodSung by Sam to Charlie, Amy, and Jo.

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