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Inspiration is a key part of the writing process; it is important for developing ideas and themes and can provide direction for the narrative as well as purpose. Inspiration can come in many forms but it is definitely a shaping element of any story. Inspiration and passion are closely linked in that inspiration is the beginning of the story while passion is what keeps the story going, despite a lack of inspiration; both are necessary for creating an artistic work. The problem with inspiration is that it is fleeting. Recently, I have been thinking about ways that I inspire myself, and I am here to share them with you.

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My favorite form of self-inspiration is listening to instrumental music. Hans Zimmer, Koji Kondo, Michael Giacchino, John Powell, and Neil Davidge have all created works that I listen to endlessly when working on a writing project. Their differences in musical tone and style create a variety that I can tap into depending on what kind of work I am doing. If I am writing a battle scene from a fantasy novel, Davidge, Powell, and Zimmer never fail to amaze whereas I turn to Kondo and Giacchino for more calm or inspiring music. My playlist helps me to feel energized about the scene I am writing, which increases my productivity.

The concept of stepping into the scene is taken even farther in regards to this project because of something that I started during my real-life situation. During the events I used as a foundation for my book, I created a list of songs that I used to express myself. At the time, I hadn’t processed a lot of what I was going through; I used the playlist to express and explore my thoughts and feelings . I kept that playlist, and now, when I am working on the book, I listen to those songs in order to relive into those feelings. This process can be hard at times, but it always helps me to bring those visceral emotions into the present which allows me to write about them. The playlist simultaneously offers closure and clarity, and I find that it helps me to get into the proper mindset of my project.

Another thing that helps me get into writing, no matter what kind, is listening to other authors share their experiences and passions. Hearing other writers talk about a shared passion and how they express themselves through storytelling always inspires me to do the same, almost to an infectious extent. To me, sharing experiences is what writing is about, whether we’ve lived those experiences or not, and to hear other authors talk about their trials and tribulations and how they overcome or circumvented the issues always makes me feel inspired to enter the arena myself. Common interests often are a source of inspiration for me.

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Because inspiration can be fleeting, I think it’s important to find ways to stay inspired or to reinvigorate it in times where we feel like inspiration is gone. Passion can carry us through in a lot of ways because it reflects a deep love of one’s craft or interest and it can supply the grit to succeed, but I think that being inspired, even if it is unspecific, is valuable. Inspiration encourages the writer’s mind to dare and to grow and to try new things, thus making it integral to creativity.

As always, thank you for joining me on this journey. Stay inspired, Friends.

Writer’s update: Today I officially typed the words “the end” in the first draft of my novel. The first draft is officially complete. I am very excited.

Total Word Count: 151,338
Page Count: 494
Project Status: First Draft Complete

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A writer for 8 years now, I'm here to continue my endeavors and to share my journey and experiences as I work through my latest project: a book about depression, hope and overcoming. I hope you stay and laugh and cry with me as we go down this road together. Who knows what beauty we'll find there?

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  1. The greatest rock ‘n’ roll band that ever lived and still goes strong today, after all those surviving years of drug abuse, whose music still stirs up emotions within me, is none other than “The Rolling Stones”. Their lifestyles were totally self indulgent and self centered, yet their rock music is legendary. A very strange mixture of a passion for life and art.


  2. So proud of you Katie and surprised you were able to accomplish so much in such a short time. You must have really worked long, hard hours to be able to do this. You are a remarkable young woman. Congratulations…..Mergie


  3. Just love following your mindset in this journey, Katie. So true that inspiration is not subject to our control, has mind of its own, metaphoric and wiser, but we can open ourselves to receiving it…. listening to inspiring music is one way, opens up the “airwaves” of your mind, a period of meditation before you begin is another way to prepare …. but as you know it’s a 50-50 deal, neither inspiration nor the sheer hard work of artistic technique is enough to create a worthwhile work, both must work together, a cooperation between the higher self and the lower self, so to speak. Luvya, Girl


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